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We ensure precision in every installation, protecting your home while enhancing its energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. With our experienced team, get peace of mind knowing your door is installed correctly, offering security and style tailored your specific needs. Rely on our expertise for a smooth and flawless door upgrade experience.

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Door Brands We Work With

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Effortless Entryway Enhancements

Stress-Free Door Installation for Windsor Residences

At Better Window and Door, our mission is to simplify the door installation process for residents across Windsor-Essex, offering a seamless experience that merges security, style, and sophistication. We stand out in the Windsor-Essex area for our straightforward approach to enhancing home entrances. Specializing in door installations that blend security with elegance, we bring a refreshingly honest and effective method to each project. 

Choosing Better Window and Door means you’re partnering with a team that cuts through the noise to focus on what really matters: durable, attractive doors that fit your life and style. We handpick our doors to suit the wide-ranging designs of Windsor homes, ensuring your new door is a perfect match. From our first meeting to the completed installation, expect a process that’s clear, concise, and respectful of your time and property.

Custom Craftsmanship for Every Home

Elevate Your Entrance with Premium Door Materials

A fibregalss entry door installed.

Fibreglass Entry Doors

Discover the perfect blend of longevity and beauty with our Fiberglass Entry Doors. Engineered for durability and styled for every taste, they ensure flawless installation, superior insulation, and a maintenance-free finish that captivates for years.

A steel entry door installed.

Steel Entry Doors​

Elevate your home’s defense and energy efficiency with our Steel Entry Doors. Expert installation meets unmatched security and thermal efficiency, wrapped in a sleek, contemporary design that stands the test of time.

Sophistication Meets Functionality

Discover Door Styles That Define Your Space

A double door installed.

Double Door

Transform your entryway into a grand passage with our Double Doors, ensuring a majestic welcome with unmatched craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Backyard centre hinge patio door installed.

Centre Hinge Door

Experience the perfect marriage of functionality and elegance with our Center Hinge Door. Its design optimizes space while offering easy access and sophistication.

A garden door installed.

Garden Doors

Invite the outdoors in with our Garden Doors. Designed to maximize light and ventilation, these doors blend indoor comfort with the beauty of nature.

A single entry door installed.

Single Entry Door

Tailor your home’s first impression with our Single Entry Doors. Combining security with flexibility, these doors are crafted to complement any architectural style.

Enhance Home Connectivity with Nature

Patio Doors for Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

A hinged patio door installed.

Open Inward or Outward


Our Hinged Patio Doors seamlessly blend indoor comfort with the natural charm of your outdoor spaces, offering a classic and practical entrance solution. Their straightforward design ensures they’re easy to operate and suitable for a variety of styles, making your transition from indoors to outdoors smooth and inviting.

A sliding patio door installed.

Open and Slide


Sliding Patio Doors are the go-to for enhancing natural light and saving space in your home. Their smooth sliding mechanism allows for easy operation, providing quick access to outdoor areas while maintaining an uncluttered look. Ideal for any room facing a garden or patio, they offer convenience without sacrificing style.

A bifold backyard door installed.

Fold Accordion Style


Expand your living space with our Bifold Patio Doors, designed to open up your home to the outdoors in an instant. These doors fold back to create a wide opening, offering spectacular, uninterrupted views and making them perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying your outdoor space to the fullest.

A multi-sliding door installed.

Multiple Sliding Panels


Introduce a touch of modern elegance with our Multi-Slide Patio Doors, designed to create expansive openings that blur the lines between inside and out. With their large panels that glide open smoothly, they allow for a flood of natural light and air, enhancing the spaciousness of your home and connecting you to nature.

A storm door installed.

Enhanced Protection Against the Elements

Storm Door Solutions for Windsor Weather

In Windsor-Essex County, where the weather can shift from sunny days to stormy nights, our Storm Doors offer an essential layer of protection. Engineered to withstand diverse weather conditions, these doors safeguard your home against wind-driven rain, snow, and debris, ensuring your entryway remains secure and dry. The robust construction minimizes energy loss, keeping your home comfortable year-round while allowing you to enjoy natural light and ventilation during calmer days.

Our Storm Doors are not just functional; they’re designed to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal. Available in a variety of styles, they complement your existing doors and windows, adding an attractive element that stands up to Windsor’s changing weather. 

A Closer Look at Our Trusted Door Installation Partners

Our Commitment Through Brands

Vinylguard Window & Door

Discover unparalleled comfort and style with Better Window & Door and Vinylguard. Our partnership with Vinylguard, a leader in crafting premium vinyl doors, brings you the best of Canadian manufacturing excellence. With over 30 years of expertise, Vinylguard’s doors not only enhance your home’s security but also its energy efficiency, adhering to the highest standards of Energy Star Compliance and QAI Certification.

Trust in Vinylguard’s decades of experience in creating high-quality doors.

Feel secure with doors that surpass the strictest Energy Star and QAI standards.

Benefit from our comprehensive lifetime warranty, ensuring your door’s longevity and quality.

Tailor your entryway with a door that reflects the unique charm and style of your Windsor home.

A double wide viynlguard door.
Vinylguard Window and Door logo.

Vinylguard, a Canadian-owned and operated firm, has built a strong reputation since 1991 for manufacturing high-quality, energy-efficient vinyl windows, doors, and accessories.

A VDK Doors backyard patio door.
VDK Doors logo.

Vinylguard, a Canadian-owned and operated firm, has built a strong reputation since 1991 for manufacturing high-quality, energy-efficient vinyl windows, doors, and accessories.

VDK Doors

Elevate your home with Better Window & Door and VDK Doors, where exceptional design meets unparalleled functionality. Our collaboration with VDK, renowned for their innovative door solutions, offers a fusion of cutting-edge technology and aesthetic versatility. VDK Doors sets the bar high with products that promise to revolutionize the way you think about home entryways.

Embrace VDK’s forward-thinking approach to door manufacturing, offering sleek, modern designs.

Choose doors designed for optimal insulation, keeping your home comfortable in every season.

With VDK’s commitment to safety, rest assured that your home is protected by doors built to the highest security standards.

VDK understands that every home is unique. Customize your doors to align with your architectural style and personal taste.

A Southfield single entry door.
Southfield Windows and Doors logo.

Southfield Windows & Doors is known for its dedication to craftsmanship and quality, with a focus on manufacturing premium energy-efficient windows and doors.

Southfield Windows & Doors

Southfield Windows & Doors, renowned for their commitment to quality and craftsmanship, now brings its expertise to door installations. Specializing in custom-made vinyl doors, Southfield combines the art of craftsmanship with the science of sustainability, offering solutions that are as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Upgrade your home’s thermal performance with Southfield’s energy-efficient door designs.

Our doors are crafted from premium materials, ensuring a flawless finish and enduring beauty.

Enjoy enhanced security and durability with doors tested and certified to meet the highest Canadian standards.

Select Southfield for environmentally responsible door options that don’t compromise on style or performance.

Proven Track Record of Excellence

Why Work With Us

Discover the pinnacle of door installation and replacement with Better Window & Door. We blend expert craftsmanship with the highest quality materials to redefine the look and feel of your home.

Brown single entry door installed in Windsor.

Experience Complete Confidence

Find peace of mind with our expertise, backed by our top-tier warranties covering both labor and materials.

White double door installation.

Purchase 20+ Years of Craftsmanship

Our dedication to excellence ensures that each installation not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Door installation and replacement service in Windsor.

Receive Local Expert Guidance

Our experts delve deep into your needs, offering personalized advice and solutions just for you.

Replacement double door installed.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Discover the reasons our customers rave about our service, awarding us 5★ ratings online.

Your Door Installation Questions, Answered

Windsor-Essex Door Installation FAQs

The ideal door depends on your security needs, aesthetic preferences, and budget, with options ranging from vinyl, fiberglass, wood, steel, to aluminum​​.

High-quality doors cost more due to their durability, functionality, style, and warranty coverage, ensuring they last longer with minimal maintenance​​.

A comprehensive installation should include the door, all jambs, hardware, interior and exterior trim, and threshold. Painting and staining may also be included​​.

Installation typically takes around three to five hours, though this can vary based on the project’s size and complexity​​.

You can install a new front door any time of year; our team of professional installers can accommodate your schedule across all seasons​​.

Signs include squeaking, sticking, built-up moisture between glass panes, warps, cracks, drafts, and moisture damage.

Replacing the front door has been shown to offer a great return on investment, improving curb appeal, security, and energy efficiency.

Better Window and Door takes pride in offering a comprehensive service, handling every aspect of your door installation project. From the initial consultation and quoting process to the final installation, our skilled professionals ensure a seamless experience. We believe in maintaining quality and accountability throughout the project, ensuring that every installation meets our high standards.

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