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Types of Windows

When it comes to choosing windows for your home there are a lot of options. We can help you make choices based on our experience but you can read more about your options below.

slider windows

Slider Windows

Sliding on a track, sliding windows glide open horizontally from one side to the other. Sliding Windows are a low-maintenance option with clean lines and sleek design. This style is more contemporary and allows for greater ventilation without a complex system of window parts. Great for along patios, porches, tight walkways or anywhere you wouldn’t want an outward swinging window. Adding grilles creates a timeless look for more more traditional style homes.

Single Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are almost the same as double-hung windows. The difference is that the top panel or sash remains immobile while the bottom panel or sash moves up and down for ventilation. This is a popular choice for areas that need ventilation, such as a bedroom or a bathroom. Single Hung Windows provide a classic look that is easy to clean.

single hung windows
picture windows

Picture Windows

Picture windows are the classic, rectangular glass panels without any sliding or opening components. Picture windows are great for letting in a lot of sun. Because the window doesn’t move or let any air flow into your home, it’s the most energy efficient window style.

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows have the option to open either the top or bottom sash. The double sliding panels provide a sleek, modern look to any home. Double-hung windows are popular choices for bedrooms and other similar areas.

Double Hung Windows
bay windows

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a classic front window option that offers a touch of luxury to your home design. A Bay window consists of three windows joined at an angle. Bay windows jut out beyond your walls to add space to your room and an expansive view outside while allowing a lot of sunlight in. Bay windows can be installed in styles such as double-hung, picture windows, or other styles.

Bow Windows

Similar to bay windows, bow windows extend beyond the walls of your home to add extra room indoors. A Bay window consists of four or more windows providing more daylight and airflow into your space.

bow windows
casement windows

Casement Windows

The most traditional style of window, casement window sare hinged on the outside of the structure. Single or double panel, these styles of windows are commonly found in hard to reach areas like above kitchen sinks. Their uncluttered views and outward opening design allow for optimal natural light and air flow.

Custom Windows

Sometimes you just want something different. Custom windows provide the flexibility to match the window to the exact design style of your home. Size, shape, and style options are endless.

custom made specialty windows